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Tifa Lockhart 18 by Insane-Pencil

i am in no place to critique but since this asked for a critique, i will give it my best shot. The lighting looks great and the wind adds in effect. although i am more worried about the cosplay it would be great if the cosplayer knows the accuracy of her costume [like the hair, belt, gloves and the supposed skirt.] and she should stop focusing on the character's sex appeal and act and pose like how the character does it in the game and not cosplaying because it is an easy costume to make or for the sake of cosplaying. Or the very least wear shoes if not, the photo could be taken up closer to hide her feet. But i am impressed that she noted the armour and made it. Most people ignore that detail on their Tifa cosplays and the cosplayer have a beautiful smile but her head was tilted too back that it looked weird the photographer could actually direct the shots and tell her to slant her head more to the front. All in all great work but it can be improved.
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PinchofSalt Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm gonna be really blunt alright. But I would say that it is an extremely inaccurate portrayal of tifa.

Boobs aside, she doesn't give off that "final fantasy feel". Her posing, expression doesn't really tell me that "oh look it's tifa". When I first saw it, I was just another model posing for a photo.

If she was a coser, then she really did not get her details right..

Picture wise, what are you trying to tell me through the photo? Why did you take your subject in such a way? As MisaMisaKawaii said " the main subject of the photo IS the model", hence the photo should tell a "story" of what the character is about.

This photo is taken from a fairly neutral angle, which can be relatively uninteresting when applied to a character like Tifa, whom is quoted as a " deceptively strong, Tifa is an empathic and emotionally shy character. While identifying and responding to the feelings of others, Tifa does not express her internal feelings often, and when she does she often has trouble doing so."

Although your photo is well exposed, it was kinda a "meh" photo to me. There wasn't this "wow" factor in it yet.

Keep working on it!
MisaMisaKawaii Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Well, considering the fact that the subject of the photo IS the model, I think Saku has made a very fair critique. Just the photo alone cannot do anything but it would have to be the model herself to make the photo nice and also, in order to give off that "Final Fantasy feel" the model plays a heavy duty in making that work.
Insane-Pencil Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Professional Photographer
You're criticizing the model as well as the photograph. It's OK to criticize the photograph, but not the model.
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